About us

4 Skip is an international platform that allows users to quickly order and pay in local restaurants via mobile phones.
It was developed with the basic idea of ​​a guest, a user that does not like to wait too long for their order or their payment.

Team 4 Skip also kept in mind the often overburdened staff when they were developing this platform. Sometimes they simply cannot serve all of the guests on time.
We as guests are more and more demanding each day, expecting a fast and friendly service, which can sometimes be very difficult to provide.

We have proven that by using 4 Skip, orders have saved a lot of time and walking for the wait staff, and we heavily believe that the quality of services will improve.

We will be happy with each smile we get. Both on the staff side as well as on the guest side.
Quick solutions, time-saving, and satisfaction were the main goals we pursued in the development of 4 Skip.

In 2022, we will expand our operations across European countries. In the coming years, however, we are planning our own presence with a presence on all continents and become the largest provider of such services in the world.

We will be happy with all your support and look forward to success with you!


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